Supporting independent living in health and social care

Assignment Help Samples Health Supporting Independent Living Introduction to Supporting Independent Living Supporting independent living is an important aspect for those who are suffering from dementia and other diseases. Various advanced technologies are giving them better life and are reducing illness.

Supporting independent living in health and social care

This act was passed in the UK Parliament. The most important and significant act in the health and safety legislation is the Act of Health and Safety at Work. For all the other regulation which is related to Health and Safety, the Health and Safety at Work Act form the basis or the framework.

There are 4 parts in this Act. The parts are as follows: In other words it can be said that it helps to increase safety in the performance of any work.

It includes different kinds of equipments from simple alarm clock to a high tech equipment which reduces of chances of accidents at residence. People who need extra help in order to live independently at home can use these devices Marsh, These devices ensure safety at home like different kinds of detectors.

Unit 20 : Supporting Independent Living - HNC Assignments

Personal safety of patients can be ensured with the help of these devices. A keyboard with larger black letters will help her correct her vision as she suffers from double vision. Kitchen aids will help her cook and thus help her live independently.

The new devices which are fitted in her vehicle will help her learn a new way of driving. The personal digital assistant will help her improve her memory. These principles are used by people while making important decision. It can be defined as moral philosophy. Ethics can help us understand the difference between the right and wrong approach.

Although it has huge potential to become helpful to people but it can also have negative effects if not used properly. We have understood that through Assistive Technology can provide independence and save the time of the family member or care givers but some negative aspects of AT is it disrupts privacy.

Also some people who suffer from dementia should be interviewed time to time in order to understand whether they are happy with it or not.

When disabled patients start to live independently, their self respect is enhanced in the society. The dignity of the disabled people who enjoy a happy life with the help of the assistive technology is also enhanced in the society.Why Independence is an Important Part of Elderly Care Anyone receiving care and support will value independence highly, as it brings with it dignity, control, self-esteem, and fulfilment.

When caring for an elderly person, whether at home or in a care facility such as an assisted living apartment or nursing home, independence is key to ensuring. Health and social care should be based on person-centred values, and should be individualised as this is a law requirement (Human Rights Act , Health and Social care Act , Codes of practice for Social Care Workers, etc).

This supporting independent living assignment is given in St. Patrick college for the HND Health and social care course, in this technological impact has been discussed with the current scenario.

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Unit Supporting Independent Living This is case study for HND Health and social care course. This unit requires a proper knowledge of latest technical trends implemented in health and social care.

Supporting independent living in health and social care

Introduction to Supporting Independent Living. Health and social care uses media channel to create awareness among general people so that it becomes source of learning for them and reduces chances for disease.

Electronic devices also provide details about the specific diseases which benefits those people who are suffering (Mountain, The unit allows the learner to investigate the uses of current technology which can help individuals lead a more independent life. Health and social care workers and their employers need to understand the technologies currently available and how independence can be supported using such technology.

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