Spanish writing activity about family

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Spanish writing activity about family

Have students draw a family tree, labeling each family member in Spanish.

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Create a matching worksheet with two columns. One column has the first half of the sentence and the second column the second half.

Write sentences that describe family relationships. Write the sentences in Spanish. Create bingo cards with different family members on them written in Spanish.

Give clues in Spanish using sentences similar to those you created for Activity 2, leaving off the vocabulary word from the clue, of course. Have students write a short paragraph describing their family using the vocabulary words from the list. Students can then share their writing with the class.

Students can practice family vocabulary in online quizzes at home or in a computer lab. One can be found in the resources section.

spanish writing activity about family

Put students into two groups. Have one person from each group go to the board. You, as the teacher, read out a definition of a family member in Spanish. The first person to write the correct word on the board gets a point.

The person who won stays at the board. Another person from the other team comes up to the board. Then, you read a Spanish family member vocabulary word.

This time, students have to write the definition in Spanish on the board. The first one to get the definition correct gets a point. The game continues until a pre-determined number of points have been reached.

Do not tell students whether you will tell them the word or the definition each turn. These activities can help your students increase their Spanish vocabulary. Spanish family words are an important part of everyday communication and conversation.

These activities are appropriate for both children and adult Spanish language learners.Student Parking In order to ensure safety and security for our students and staff all vehicles on campus must display the appropriate parking decal.

People and Family Vocabulary Parts of the Body & Health Occupations Vocabulary Sports and Hobbies City Life, Buildings, and Places Spanish-Speaking Countries Worksheets Calendar, Telling Time, and Weather Vocabulary Clothing Vocabulary Food Vocabulary Environment Vocabulary.

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Spanish Familia Unit. Collection by Spanish Plans. Worksheets: Family in Spanish. Reading and writing exercises, comprehension exercise - practising family members, sentence structure/creation, and the verb TO BE and TO HAVE. TIP: Get the student(s) to . Create engaged readers when you use Reading Is Fundamental’s Literacy Central.

This award-winning digital library hosts over 10, reading resources including lesson plans for teachers, leveled reading passages, puzzles, printable activity guides for parents and more. Activity 3 is best used by a teacher who has successfully completed two years of high school conversational Spanish or one year of college-level conversational Spanish.

spanish writing activity about family

Familiarize yourself with the following vocabulary list, which includes Spanish words for most principal family members and their English translations.

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