Sorry but your soul just died

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Sorry but your soul just died

My dad had done the unthinkable - said yes to being a Deacon in Colman, South Dakota just 60 minutes from our door to their door of the rectory It was my parents first contact with living the farm life other than second hand through a visit here and there to our farm.

Sorry but your soul just died

Now they were immersed in farm life and loved it! I loved the fact that for 3 years I could jump in the car and go and hang out with them for an afternoon here and there! Soon their 3 years were at an end and we all gathered for a huge family celebration of Easter I am the oldest of 11 with over 30 grandkids!

The wind of the Holy Spirit was howling as our family gathered in front of the church doors for a family photo How I love the pictures of the kids in Big Shoes!

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What is it about the kids walking around the house in mom or dad's shoes? I think that it is a form of flattery I remember my 3rd daughter, Maria, was so in love with her daddy I have a group of pictures in the bathroom that are just of that theme Wearing mom and dad's shoes.

I think that it is about as cute as can be I have now seen my 3 grandchildren that live closeby and spent much time with us also put on mostly grandpa's shoes which are usually over by the door and walk around in them I think that a lot of that reflects that love and appreciaion that they have for him and his loving sharing ways with them.

Now a generation later I have watched now grandpa LOVE each one of those kids so specially by showering them with the time by taking them along outside or allowing them to sit in his lap and share his meal when he comes in late for a meal The same scene that I saw with our 5 kids and the resulting love and appreciation and respect!

Who knew wearing his shoes was a sign of love and devotion?!? Nancy was engaged to Bill Bandzuch on April 10, We are all so happy for her as she has waited long for her Catholic man to come into her life.

She had stood by her values and as a result it was especially sweet and special when she joyfully accepted Bill's proposal! We all gathered in Maria and Joe's back yard to help them celebrate that afternoon minus her sister in KC We called her and she spoke to each one of us and even her neice and nephews!

A month later Nancy found this letter from her sister in the mailbox. It was mother's day and she called me to read it to me over the phone. I was blown away and at first thought how crazy it was that a young girl,who had answered the call to remain chaste and be a little sister had so much insight into marriage!

But when I realized that she is now the "bride of Christ" it now makes all the sense in the world! I would like to once again share this powerful and wise letter here Nancy, Look I am writing you a letter Well, you better be because both you and I know how often this happens. I am writing to tell you now extremely excited I am about your engagement to Bill.

I have to admit, when I got the news I wasn't really shocked but that night as it sunk in during adoration and the next day during mass I was so happy. My heart overflowed with joy for you. How beautiful to know that you have found your While I have never had the experience of being married, from what I hear is that he will truly be your cross.

But not your cross as human eyes look at it, as a thing to run away from, as a thing of torture but rather as that which is truly the tree of life. It is only when clinging to the cross that one can truly live, it is the source of all life and of all love.

Your marriage to Bill will be this, not something to run away from when it gets hard and when it hurts, but something to hold tight to, especially when it hurts because it is in this that you will find life and love.

Know that it is through your marriage that Jesus wants to show you his great love for you and also that the best example that you can give to the world of Christ's love is a marriage lived in truth.From neuroscience to Nietzsche.

A sobering look at how man may perceive himself in the future, particularly as ideas about genetic predeterminism takes the place of dying Darwinism.


How to Help a Grieving Person. What a powerful message for anyone experiencing loss! It was a bit long but we hope that there was at least one piece of wisdom you could glean and hopefully share with others.

When you are a little girl, and if you are lucky enough to have the kind of mom that I have, your mom is your protector.

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