Restoration business plan

One of the best ways to mitigate potential damage is to have a disaster recovery plan in place so you can be ready to respond to any disaster, very quickly.

Restoration business plan

Erker and John B. The method in which they do this will be calculated and precise to ensure quality work and quick turnover. The founders, Gary Briker and Bob Redding, emphasize hard work and attention to detail to ensure the end customer of a truly quality product.

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All advisors have experience in real estate and finance and will be available to Gary and Bob throughout the life of the business. They have aligned themselves with a restoration business plan who has extensive experience in the area of focus, Broad Ripple. In addition to geographic familiarity she also has experience working for rehabbers.

Broad Ripple lies north restoration business plan Indianapolis. It is a place that recently experienced substantial growth and now is in need of residential restoration.

Homes are priced low, but with work can be sold for very promising returns. Cheaper homes double in value with more ease and they carry a much lower barrier to entry.

Broad Ripple is absolutely prime for sound investments and hard work. They have a list of customers who are anxious to get them working in their homes.

These extra jobs will provide additional income while they become accustomed to the ins and outs of rehabbing, after which customers will become another grape on the vine to spread the good word.

Vision Reach perfection in the rehabilitation of family residences. We vow to maintain a vested interest in the well being of our business and the neighborhoods in which we work. Garrett McGrath will be construction manager overseeing all on—site activity. He has extensive experience in carpentry and has worked for the past seven years on various properties in Fort Wayne.

He has many repeat customers because his work is solid and he is of impeccable character. Gary Briker has three years experience in carpentry and rehabbing.

He has served as an integral team member with Briker Realty tending to the care of properties. He reported directly to the CEO of Fedmann Carpentry, accumulating clientele, assisting with appraisals, and billing. His family background includes experience with land development, real estate buying and selling, and residential restoration.

His father owns and operates the real estate company, Briker Realty, in addition to owning several apartment buildings and restaurants. Gary has worked closely with his father gathering experience buying and selling homes, as well as renovating homes.

Also, the Briker family owned and operated a prominent land development company in Bloomington, Indiana. Gary Briker was a consultant to a start up business, The Bar and Tavern.

restoration business plan

He dealt with market analysis, financing, cost assessment and talent accumulation. This experience has facilitated with this business plan in the areas of finance and market analysis. The owner, Matthew, was very pleased with the completed project and presentation.

His grandfather owns Redding Realty and Building Co.

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His uncle owns Redding Realty in Madison, Wisconsin. Bob has earned a business degree with a focus in Entrepreneurship. His passion for entrepreneurship stems directly from his family history of starting and successfully running small businesses.

Bob Redding acted as a consultant for AnalysisNet, a business process—reengineering firm. He dealt directly with finances, product growth and development, and competitive analysis. Specifically he developed a new application of their software that will allow them to reach a previously untapped market.

President, Albert Steffet, and Chief Software Architect, Wendy Barry, were happy with his performance and have offered their services if and when it is needed.

restoration business plan

Other job experience includes managing a band for 3 years. He secured consistent paying jobs and acquired the necessary equipment to accommodate the bands growth. Since the bands break up he has successfully promoted himself as a solo artist.

He created a website where you can listen to music and buy his home—recorded ten song EP. He is both manager and musician. Both are physically competent and intelligent men who can afford to commit all of their resources to this endeavor.

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Throughout the first phase of operations Gary and Bob will live in and work on their first investment.Business Continuity Plan Overview Existing BC Plan Layout BCM Team Document Page: 1 Layout of Proposed BCCM Template Business Continuity Plan.

The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative was launched in to accelerate efforts to protect and restore the Great Lakes: the largest system of fresh surface water in the world.

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