Rat rod projects for sale

Design Goals The aim for this project was to build a recumbent trike using as much as possible available material to keep the costs down. The braking force would place a strong twist on the axle and quite possibly they would sheer off. I figured there is more than enough force on the axle as it is and would have used a thicker axle like what is used on wheel chairs if I could have done it cheaply.

Rat rod projects for sale

Rat Rod Coupe About Rat Hot Rod Project Soon after the art of taking broken down and inexpensive vehicles and transforming them into high-performance hot rods became popular among teenagers and young adults who had skill but not a tremendous amount of money, the upper class started pouring cash into making expensive versions that were put on display and never actually driven.

For those who still valued the true meaning of the hot rod, a rat hot rod project became a way to respond to what they saw as a waste of vehicles.

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Rat hot rod project cars show off the inner workings, putting the enhanced engines and customized interiors on display, as the cars take to the streets rather than just sitting idle as a part of a collection.

Frames and components from the s, s, s, and s receive new life with revived floors, custom interiors, and performance engines from other vehicles to produce a vehicle that is more about energy and devotion than the cash that went into its creation.

Shop the vast inventory on eBay for complete bodies, frames, wheels, and other components to begin your rat hot rod project. Shop the vast inventory of motors, parts, and accessories as well as salvage parts and cars!It’s the Happy Holley Days and finding the perfect gift for the wife, or kids Read More.

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How to build a Short Wheel Base Recumbent Trike

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Rat rod projects for sale

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Video: Introducing A Crazy High Powered Dodge Rat Rod