Qualities of a great babysitter

Characteristics of a Great Babysitter Parents look for certain qualities in a good babysitter. Some of these qualities include: Your overall health is important.

Qualities of a great babysitter

Well, supposedly Chis lived wild in Mexico for a time. They are mostly European toy dog. Jess It is commonly said that Salukis or insert your sighthound of choice here only like their own kind. Of course, no breeder would be asked or forced to breed to any of these, but those who wanted to use this outcross to improve their show lines could.

What do you Qualities of a great babysitter this would do the breed? She was an absolutely gorgeous dog, tall for a bitch but slender compared to a normal GSD, not quite as long in the back.

She was black, but with a beautiful dark silvery-gray undercoat and silver in her neck fur. She was very aloof, but not aggressive, and extremely intelligent.

Her color was really breathtaking. He named her Sioux, which may be an odd choice for a GSD, but it suited her. She lived to be about 14 years old, and never developed hip or back problems.

Do German shepherds have wolf ancestry?

The other 2 pups from that litter were a lighter, sable color, also with yellowish eyes, also built taller in the leg than most purebred shepherds. Judicious outcrossing to less contrived breeds such as Norwegian and Swedish Elkhounds might also be a good idea. Duc was his son and also a major player in the Belgians.

Keep in mind that the first official police dogs were Belgians, followed by the GSD. Black or dark colors tend to intimidate stock both sheep and cattle. It also is easier to spot a dark dog across a herd of white sheep.

Take it from someone who has been interested in and involved with the wolf-hybrid phenomenon for several decades now! It COULD be done sensibly, but when has being sensible ever been a part of humans breeding dogs—at least with something as controversial as this?

Something like this brings out the weirdest and quirkiest individuals imaginable in our species! With conformation show people ready to kill each other over even accepting a different color in a breed, or an outcross from another registry in another country, just seriously SUGGESTING adding wolf blood may get you forever ostracized from dog society!

Only people who just want to do their own thing, live isolated and could care less about being accepted by dog society at large or ANY human society, for that matter! I hope it happens, but yes, better off using existing dog breeds like the various Belgians, and maybe experiment with that Elkhound suggestion I made.

Most people would admit that it is at least genetically possible that at some time in the past crosses were occasionally made with wolves although normal wolves and dogs are mortal enemies.

The suggestion that crosses are still made is clearly without foundation. No breeder in his right mind would take his modern, highly developed, intelligent, biddable, streamlined German Shepherd and cross it with a wolf which is savage, badly conformed, and often mangy and motheaten in appearance.

And obviously, serious wolf ignorance which tends to always be the twin of prejudice, of course.

Do German shepherds have wolf ancestry? | Natural History

The Germans, who originated the breed, did NOT have this negative view so much, and throughout history have used the wolf as a positive warrior symbol a very good reason WHY the British may have such a vehement view towards wolves as a culture!

And while looking up this bit in my enormous dog-setion of my library the homemade bookshelves chronically groaning in agony from their excessive burdenI looked up where I had seen that comment about the Borzois reacting to a German Shepherd at a dog show.

He did NOT positively identify the GSD as the breed there, merely saying it was a dog of possible recent wolf ancestry—I always assumed he meant a Malamute, the breed usually most closely associated with wolves, so I was actually suprised to find out on this post it was a GSD he had been talking about!A great nanny is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of the children in her care.

Qualities of a great babysitter

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Great babysitters are a rare gem.

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We have a few great ones that I would hire over and over again. We haven’t had a bad babysitter, but there are definitely qualities that stand out that make a .

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