Patient education project

Esther was invented by a team of physicians, nurses, and other providers who joined together to improve patient flow and coordination of care for elderly patients within a six-municipality region in Sweden.

Patient education project

In the ICU where I work we do not have patient bathrooms, so there is no way for me to assess any difficulty a patient may have, or that they can do it in my own unit- and all there are are wires and monitor leads to trip them up.

I think in the US we should do this more. Another option would be to have day pass from the hospital or in-patient rehab to evaluate needs for discharge. Home evaluations and primary care check-ins provided by physicians, residents and nurse practitioners.

How often does that tend to happen?

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Plus, how many additional therapists were required to set up this system i. I worry that other patients were left sans-therapy while these visits were taking place.

Our hospital staff initially shared this concern. Lots of the improvement work involved building relationships between hospital and community staff. We measure readmission rate continuously as a balance measure of the redesigned process.

We are delighted that we haven't seen any increae in readmission rate. It is more than transferring the assessment process from hospital to home - it becomes a better, more meaningful assessment that truly identifies the support needs of our patients.

I would like to see statistics on the number of readmissions during use of this process as compared to use of the standard process to know if the individuals require future hospitalization due to complications acquired in the home environment.General Diabetes Patient Education Handouts New!

Now Available in Haitian Creole. ACU is pleased to make available eight patient education flyers on living with diabetes newly translated into Haitian Creole (also known as HC or Kreyol).

How Foods Affect Blood Sugar: A Guide for Iraqi and Syrian Patients with Diabetes. This education is intended to be used by clinicians during discussion with patients about carbohydrates and blood glucose. The Patient Experience Project (PEP) has announced the addition of Lauren Humenik as a senior project manager.

Humenik is a results-driven project manager with more (more) Anna Roberts Joins Patient Experience Project as Account Coordinator.

Patient education project

The Patient Education Materials Assessment Tool (PEMAT) is a systematic method to evaluate and compare the understandability and actionability of patient education materials.

It is designed as a guide to help determine whether patients will be able to understand and act on information. Separate tools are available for use with print and audiovisual materials. These Videos are intended to augment the Joint Pain Education Project (JPEP), which was tasked to develop a common DoD/VA pain management curriculum for primary care providers.

Patient-Focused Videos Provider-Focused Videos. Online Education Kit: Understanding the Human Genome Project. Welcome to the Online Education Kit - a web-based resource containing all sections from the original CD-ROM.

Patient education project
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