Master thesis structure methodology of economics

In Europe, especially continental Europe, universities are heavily subsidized by their national governments. In Germany, Scandinavia or Eastern Europe for instance, most masters programmes have been traditionally totally free of charge. Diplom In Austria, one obtains a bachelor's degree after 3 years of study and a master's degree after 2 more years of study. This is true for both the "research-oriented university" sector as well as the "university of applied sciences" sector which had been established in the s.

Master thesis structure methodology of economics

Goggles on Google Background: A strand of research has identified that even small cues of being observed such as a picture of eyes can affect anything from criminal behavior to charitable giving.

master thesis structure methodology of economics

Many of the studies, however, suffer from poor research designs and small sample sizes. In addition, there are also studies reporting null-findings, which means that the overall support still is inconclusive.

The thesis will introduce the students to an interesting field of research, allow them to learn about and master Google trends data, as well as applying different econometric methods.

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The peak-end-rule says that the most memorable parts of an experience is the peak i. Daniel Kahneman and co-authors have for example shown that you can make patients better off by simply extending a painful medical treatment with a more joyful period at the end.

The idea of this thesis proposal is to test the peak-end theory in a relevant, high-stake, real-world environment. In particular, the aim is to combine data from e.

The thesis will also include a replication of the paper by Card and Dahl on prospect theory and violence Key reference: Card and DahlFamily Violence and Football: However, statistics presupposes that in using data, we wish to reach generalisable conclusions not "lies, damned lies and statistics".

If the underlying data systematically miss salient features of the subject of interest, how useful are our conclusions?

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Next, coding prefarably in R will be involved to attempt to capture the essence of the chosen research question in a reproducible way. This research question is necessarily open and exploratory, so a good deal of the work involved concerns the destillation of feasible research questions.

Forthcoming special issue of Statistics and Probability Letters Data:thesis was partially inspired by her lectures on Monetary Policy and Business Fluctuations during the spring of and partially on her paper "Identifying the interdependence between US monetary policy and the stock market" written with Kai Leitemo ().

Thesis Structure. This page outlines the stages of an honours thesis and provides links to other pages that will give you more information and some examples from past theses.

Outlines which method you chose and why (your methodology); what, when, where, how . The Master Data Management Summit is co-located with the Data Governance Conference and is Europe’s only co-located conferences on MDM & Data Governance.

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Apr 08,  · Topics for master theses. The Department of Economics would like to present the following ideas for topics. Department of Economics; Master's thesis; Estimation of the price elasticity of the demand for food, alcohol and tobacco, and other commodity groups in Norway In terms of methodology, the thesis would apply modern econometric.

LSE offers diploma programmes in Accounting and Finance and as the first year of two-year MSc programmes in the Economics Department. Diploma students attend specially arranged classes and tutorials; in most, but not all cases you would attend lectures from undergraduate courses.