Literature review of stress management in insurance sector

The origin [1] of the modern meritocratic civil service can be traced back to Imperial examination founded in Imperial China. The Imperial exam based on merit [2] was designed to select the best administrative officials for the state's bureaucracy. This system had a huge influence on both society and culture in Imperial China and was directly responsible for the creation of a class of scholar-bureaucrats irrespective of their family pedigree. In the areas of administration, especially the military, appointments were based solely on merit.

Literature review of stress management in insurance sector

History[ edit ] Revolutionary War Soldiers Since the founding of the country, the United States has sought to compensate the men and women who have served in its armed forces. Congress passed legislation emphasizing an indemnity model for veterans disability benefits. Congress sought to clarify and better specify provisions of the law in amendments to the original bill.

The amount of compensation provided—both cash payments and VA-sponsored services—are based on the veteran's average impairment in earnings capacity. Effectiveness[ edit ] Whether disability benefits adequately compensate veterans with PTSD for loss in average earning capacity has been debated.

The parity ratio for a year-old veteran receiving IU benefits is 6. Government Accountability Office analyzed this recommendation and suggested that it be considered as one of three major changes to modernize the VA disability benefits program.

In order for a veteran to receive disability benefits for PTSD, the VBA, based on their review of medical and psychological evidence, must conclude that the veteran indeed suffers from service-connected PTSD.

Benefits claim procedures[ edit ] The VA provides a detailed description of the benefits claims process on its website. VA has a legal obligation to help veterans obtain any evidence that will support their claim.

To speed up the decision process, it is advised that the claimant secure they own medical information from the facilities that they visited and provide them to the VA.

Causes and Cures of Stress in Organizations

If the VA has to request them it could hold up the process for 90 days. VA encourages individuals who are applying for disability compensation to work with an accredited representative Being accredited means organizations and individuals must have VA permission to represent Veterans before the Department in their claims for VA benefits.

The purpose of this requirement is to ensure that Veterans have qualified and competent representation. These individuals receive specialized training in VA benefits law and procedure.

Congress or have received official approval from the U. Department of Veterans Affairs to represent veterans in the disability compensation claims process.

From the federal government's perspective, the state veterans affairs agencies are "veterans service organizations" since they too must receive approval to represent veterans. This ensures a claims decision within 30 days. Some veterans advocates recommend that veterans learn how to file claims on their own so that they retain control over the process.

Note that the VA does not require a veteran to be represented on appeal. VA prohibits attorneys or claims agents from charging a veteran for professional services prior to the adjudication of the veteran's claim.

Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims Unless they agree to work on a pro bono basis, attorneys and claims agents who represent veterans before the Veterans Benefits Administration, Board of Veterans Appealsand Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims require payment for their services.

At the federal court level, most attorneys work for Equal Access to Justice Act fees.

These are attorney fees ordered by the court to be paid by the federal government when the government's position in litigation was not "substantially justified. This disability rating determines the amount of compensation [39] and other disability benefits the VA provides the veteran. The disability rating indicates the extent to which PTSD has deprived the veteran of his or her average earnings capacity.The authors report their analysis of the highest quality research over the past decade examining the effects of health insurance on health and conclude that insurance coverage increases access to.

Literature review of stress management in insurance sector

Abstract. Advances in fields of inquiry as diverse as neuroscience, molecular biology, genomics, developmental psychology, epidemiology, sociology, and economics are catalyzing an important paradigm shift in our understanding of health and disease across the lifespan.

The management of risk at mega events is the focus of this dissertation. The framework for criticality of risk areas is identified through a literature Published: Wed, 07 Mar Research is central to the monetary policy framework.

The Bank continues to broaden its research and analysis of structural and sectoral issues, while establishing research partnerships with outside institutions and individuals.

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