How to write a balance transfer check to yourself

Living on a Budget Tracking Your Checking Account Today, checks and debit card transactions are debited from a checking account very quickly. The bank returns the check to you unpaid, and the bank will charge you a hefty fee. Usually if this happens you will have written several checks and you get a fee for each one. If you have a debit card on the account, it will be deactivated.

How to write a balance transfer check to yourself

I just did two seperate balance transfer transactions online. I requesed a balance transfer from my Discover card to my Chase checking account and I made another transfer request from my FNBO Discover card to my Chase checking account. I made the requests for relatively small amounts.

I am basically doing this as an experiment to see if the funds will actually transfer into my cheking account with no issue. FYI, I plugged in my checking account number the full number as shown on my checking account statement into the box that asks for creditor account.

The computer took the transfer without any issue and I received the confirmation and usual message that it can take up to two weeks to be processed. I will wait and see if the funds get deposited into my account and if it is treated as a balance transfer at the promotional rate or a cash advance.

Best 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards

I am essentially using my checking account number as the credit card number to pay off in this case. I am eager to see if it will go through as a balance transfer or get treated as a cash advance.

how to write a balance transfer check to yourself

I am pleased to announce that the experiment was successful! I did the balance transfer transactions online using my checking account number and the balance transfer funds arrived in my checking account in 3 days. I can confirm that the transactions posted on both credit cards as balance transfers and not cash advances.

I checked my bank accout acitiviy online and they even posted an image of the balance transfer check that was sent to them. Most important of all the transactions were treated as balance transfers by both creditors. This could be a convenient way for me to directly access my promotional apr balance transfer funds in the future when I need it.

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Or you can write a balance transfer check payable to yourself for a cash deposit. Here’s an example. Say you open up a balance transfer card with a $15, credit line and you want to pay off the last $5, of your student loan.

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how to write a balance transfer check to yourself

A better way to manage your credit card debt is with a low-rate, fixed percentage CAP COM Credit Card. Consolidate all your credit card balances into a CAP COM loan or transfer it to your CAP COM VISA® Credit Card.

A 0% money transfer allows you to shift cash from a card to your bank account to clear your overdraft or give yourself a 0% cash loan for up to 31 months.

Here's how it works and all the best deals Who's this guide for? Anyone looking to transfer cash to their bank account and owe a card firm.

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