Extended essay cover format

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Extended essay cover format

An ITGS extended essay needs to focus on the social impacts positive or negative information technology has on society. The EE also needs to clearly cover the information technology in enough detail to make it clear how it causes the problem. As the IB Extended Essay guide says: For example, an EE about the best sorting algorithm or a comparison of compression technologies is not suitable as an ITGS EE because it does not focus on social impacts.

For first assessment in first teaching in Augustthe Extended Essay is changing. The new IB Extended Essay website includes information on the changes. It also has a table of poor questions which are too broad a common mistake made by studentsand a selection of better, more focused questions.

Teachers can help students select a topic area but students must formulate the Research Question themselves because there are awarded marks for this in criterion A. Often a student will need to perform some initial research to ensure that sufficient sources are available to successfully complete the EE.

Business and Employment topic ideas: The effectiveness of solutions to prevent online fraud The use of employee monitoring technology Cost savings of FOSS compared to commercial software The use of social networks by small businesses Education topic ideas: The use of computer models to replace science experiments in schools The impacts of computer programmes in schools The use of student information systems to improve teaching and learning The privacy impacts of student tracking systems Effective solutions to ensure appropriate technology use in a school Environment topic ideas: The use of Geographical Information Systems GIS when planning construction projects The awareness and impact of electronic waste The use of virtualisation as a method of reducing server power consumption Health topic ideas: The use of tele-medicine to treat patients in rural areas The impacts of implementing electronic health records in a hospital The effectiveness of mobile phone technology for distributing health advice and education Software and hardware to help disabled users with poor eyesight Home and Leisure topic ideas: Often these topics are chosen by students looking for an "easy" option.

Extended essay cover format

However, in my experience the students will struggle to find reliable research relating to these topics - a lot of information out there is vague and anecdotal and students will struggle to come to any meaningful conclusion.

In these cases students also frequently try to interview their friends as primary sources - a sure path to disaster. Any topic where primary research cannot be performed. While "Robotics in medicine" might interest a student, finding a doctor who uses robots and is willing to be interviewed is difficult.

If you cannot find primary research sources, you can't do the topic - it's that simple. Topics about IT products e. The social impact of these is minimal.

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Topics about things which haven't happened yet or have only just happened. How can you find examples if something hasn't happened yet? Students often think that words is a lot it isn't! Instead students should narrow down their question and use their words to reach the appropriate level of depth and detail.

Examples which are too broad The effects of e-waste.D extended essay cover. 0 Kommentare. essay social networking sites names suggestions comment faire une dissertation zen essay on a meeting beach (questions format essay pte) an storm essay values of games best countries essays narrative.

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An ITGS extended essay needs to focus on the social impacts (positive or negative) information technology has on society. The EE also needs to clearly cover the information technology in enough detail to make it clear how it causes the problem.


How to make the IB extended essay title page. The international baccalaureate is a highly respected educational organization with hundreds of thousands of students in numerous countries around the world.

IB EXTENDED ESSAY FORMAT / FORMAL PRESENTATION GUIDELINES The following are some basic guidelines to achieving the highest possible score on your.

2. Include on each page except cover/title page 3.

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Include Candidate Session number ONLY in the header on every page except for cover/title page, aligned to the right. C. Footer 1. 1 inch from the bottom of each page 2. Include on each page except the cover/title page.

The fundamentals of an IB extended essay title page. The title page itself stands alone. It does not include a great deal of information and it most certainly does not include any part of your actual IB extended essay. It is a standalone document. The title of your essay appears in the centre of the page and must be written in full. Extended essay cover page youtube • Nov 9, Write an email essays quickly essay of computers football match. Essay about travel with family your essay topic traveling opinion. World in the future essay film mla format cite essay download illustration paragraph essay japanese essay on family in english elephants essay of description. Your extended essay will be assessed in part according is in the correct style and format. people proofread your essay. Your extended essay must.

3. Include page numbers centered according to the following format: a.

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