Christian essayists

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Christian essayists

February 5, By Alexander Smith Alexander Smith was a lace-pattern designer in Scotland who won an early burst of popularity with his poems, was deflated almost as quickly by a parody lumping him with the Spasmodic Poets, and went on to write essays.

Style went out with the men who wore knee-breeches and buckles in their shoes. We write more easily now; but in our easy writing there is ever a taint of flippancy: Montaigne and Bacon are our earliest and greatest essayists, and likeness and unlikeness exist between the men.

Bacon was constitutionally the graver nature. He writes like one on whom presses the weight of affairs, and he approaches a subject always on its serious side.

He does not play with it fantastically. He lives amongst great ideas, as with great nobles, with whom he dare not be too familiar. In the tone of his mind there is ever something imperial.

Bacon always seems to write with his ermine on. Montaigne was different from all this. His table of contents reads in comparison like a medley, or a catalogue of an auction. He was quite as wise as Bacon; he could look through men quite as clearly, and search them quite as narrowly; certain of his moods were quite as serious, and in one corner of his heart he kept a yet profounder melancholy; but he was volatile, a humourist, and a gossip.

He could be dignified enough on great occasions, but dignity and great occasions bored him.

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Dec 21,  · The other answers are excellent. I would like to offer up the writer Ronald Dart. This is the introduction to his book, "The Lonely God" available on Amazon and elsewhere: "The Bible doesn't contradict itself, but it often runs counter to what.

Christian essayists

Great as it is, Robinson's collection only whet our appetites for more essays by contemporary writers, so in case it does the same for you, we've put together a list of contemporary essayists we. Irish literature comprises writings in the Irish, Latin, and English (including Ulster Scots) languages on the island of earliest recorded Irish writing dates from the seventh century and was produced by monks writing in both Latin and Early Irish.

Christianity in Twentieth-Century Literature Christianity, encompassing the Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and Protestant faiths, asserted a tremendous influence on the literature of the. Marilynne Summers Robinson (born ) is an American novelist and essayist.

During her writing career Robinson has received numerous awards, including the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in , the National Humanities Medal, and the Library of Congress Prize for American Robinson was named in Time magazine's list of most influential people.

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