Aqa english coursework a level

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Aqa english coursework a level

Aqa english coursework a level

If you are interested in how the English language works, this course is ideal for you. In Year One, you will be introduced to some of the main branches of linguistics. You will analyse a wide range of texts, using the language frameworks, and look at language in social contexts.

You could have a hypothesis and prove or disprove something or investigate something that is language related. Other examples may include analysing song lyrics, the way a character is portrayed in a book or how children learn to spell.

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There will be a requirement to write a media textwhich is an offshoot of the investigation but based on the content of the investigation. Also, in the second year, you will extend your knowledge by studying language change and child language acquisition.

These two topics will be included in the final examination and can be used as language investigation topics. Year One comprises two Units: Unit 1 - examination Language and Social Contexts gender, power and technology. Unit 2 - Coursework Year Two comprises a further two Units: Unit 3 - examination Developing Language language change and child language acquisition.

How Will I Learn? A wide range of teaching and learning methods and resources will be used including: Moodle Individual and group work.

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Skills You Will Develop You will be given the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and concepts associated with the study of English Language You will gain an informed awareness of contemporary debates about language The coursework Modules will enable you to develop your writing skills and investigate topics in which you are interested.

Benefits Choosing to study A Level English Language can give you a head start in the job market and at university. Undoubtedly, written and spoken communication is an essential requirement in the world of business and across a range of professions such as those in the areas of paralegal work, law, publishing, web publishing, research, journalism, marketing, teaching, classroom assistants, speech therapy, public relations, speech writing for public officials, translators, signers, proof reading, librarians, technical writing and copywriting.

Things You May Need The course books give examples of coursework titles and areas of study as well as activities to assist you with your studies.Roughly 6 months before your chosen exam date, you should book your place at an exam centre to take the AQA English Language A Level syllabus () exam.

Exam centres are usually schools or colleges that are also submitting their own students for the exam.

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