Annotated bibliography on nursing

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Annotated bibliography on nursing

Reference List: Basic Rules

Tweet Writing an Annotated Bibliography At some point in time, your faculty may ask you to write an annotated bibliography or an annotated reference list.

This may happen in your undergraduate program, but it is more likely to be a requirement in your graduate program. This post will define terms, outline the difference between an annotated bib and an annotated reference list, discuss why these are useful tools for students and others, describe the types of annotations you can write depending on the purpose of your overview, and provide a how-to guide you can download for free!

You may get an assignment that requires you to provide a bibliography or a reference list. Sometimes these terms may be used interchangeably, but they are not the same.

A bibliography is a list of all sources the author used to develop their paper or research proposal, even if a source is not referred to in the document. So sources that are not cited within the narrative are still listed in the bibliography. Faculty may ask for all sources used to be cited in the bibliography popular and professional articles, books, Internet sources, interviews or restrict the list to selected sources e.

A reference list is a list of every source that was cited in your document.

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The reference list contains ONLY sources cited in your document i. If in writing your document you used a resource Internet source, textbook, etc. But unless you paraphrased or quoted information or ideas, which would need to be correctly cited, these sources would not go in a reference list.

The purpose of both a bibliography and a reference list is to provide enough details about each source so that readers can find the sources you used for your research or cited in your paper.

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Follow the style formatting guidelines required by your instructor e. Bibliographies or reference lists may be found at the end of each of the document chapters e. What is an Annotation? You may be asked to annotate your course readings textbooks, novels, chapters, websites, etc.

Or you may write an annotation for a self-selected article to be shared with your classmates. Rereading your annotations can help you study and remember key points.

An abstract may seem similar, but its purpose is to quickly present a simple descriptive summary of a work, usually a research study, conference topic, or other scientific work, to help the reader decide if the article will be helpful for their needs; not to convince the reader of its merits of the study itself.

An abstract is frequently written by the author of the source as part of a manuscript for a journal article. When you provide a summary or annotation for a single source — so for a journal article you select, for example — that would be called an annotated reference or annotated article.

I use this format a lot when I have students search the literature for relevant articles on a particular topic and then have them share one article with their classmates in a discussion board forum. I want students to get used to going to the literature for answers, so this type of assignment works to fulfill that purpose and teaches them to concisely summarize an article and evaluate its worth to their future practice.

The purpose of an annotation is multifold: Writing annotations also gives you practice in writing concisely, in learning to summarize and not re-write the article, and in helping you to think about how the source may used in your current or future practice.

The process of writing annotations reveals whether you have correctly understood the piece you are writing about and it enables you to think about how you thought about developing your main ideas. This is a high level of critical thinking skill — I remember hearing Dr.ARMY RESERVE OFFICERS' TRAINING CORPS (ROTC) TEAM SENECA Southwestern New York ROTC Battalion.

Annotated bibliography on nursing

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