A research on how the system works at a similar level of detail to the crash handout

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A research on how the system works at a similar level of detail to the crash handout

Multiuser Even for a one user machine, Unix provides a protected environment. Multiple logins allow private space and shared resources. Preemptive multitasking Each program gets a "chunk" of system resources. Robust Protected execution space, keeps on running.

Makes it good for OLTP and high availability applications. Failing user programs do not crash the whole system usually. Servers can often run for more than a year without rebooting. Multiple types of software run on the same computer Graphical desktop login, highly interactive software Command line logins, text-based programs, background programs, shell scripts Unattended programs, network daemons, cron jobs, mail filtering Networks and the Internet; Remote Access UNIX has many "built in" communication tools.

Remote access was designed into the system from the start with dial-in lines, even before the internet existed. Network services such as mail smtphttp, ftp, usenet news, IRC, remote login, remote X display, remote printing, are all available.

A research on how the system works at a similar level of detail to the crash handout

Fill out the online form: Discovery Cluster accounts Limited to faculty, staff and graduate students who need access to additional computing resources for their research. Respond to the questions from the newuser script and your account should be created within a few days.

You will need to enter your DND name and password to authenticate. Terminal programs typically implement the secure shell SSHtelnet and remote login rlogin protocols. In addition to those, X server software provides the necessary control over the display that remote graphical software needs.

Telnet and rlogin authenticate in clear text over the network, and so are insecure to network sniffers. Secure connections username and password never appear on the network except in encrypted form are mandatory for all logins to Dartmouth Research Computing systems.

It is used on workstation consoles, and can be redirected to remote displays. Whether or not it can be used depends on the capabilities of the terminal "terminal" means "whatever you are sitting at" - it may be a real terminal or a Mac or PC running terminal emulation software.

X windows is location independant - remote X windows programs run the same as local console. Programs run on the UNIX machine and you see output on your terminal. The terminal may be remote over the networkdirectly wired, or be the console device workstations.

When you log in with a command line session, a special program called a 'shell' is run, commands that you type are processed by the shell. Most of this class concerns the command line interface because: Displaying graphical output on the local console is generally faster than displaying remotely. Some graphical applications are coded in such a way as to make remote display almost impossible.

Don't confuse the User Interface with the Operating System. X windows provides the mechanism for graphical displays, but does not mandate any particular look and feel.

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Similarly, there are various command line shells available which determine the look and feel of the text-based interface.New curriculum materials on alphabetnyc.com; Create Lesson Plans from Movies and Film Clips-. Story.

A research on how the system works at a similar level of detail to the crash handout

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